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February 02, 2015

The headline in the Wall Street journal on Tuesday, January 20th read “The Week Resolutions Die.”

The article is about gym memberships and the New Year’s resolutions made by people who “start to waver” in the third week of January.  The data shows just how difficult it is to make a new habit as a part of one’s life.

The same principle applies to our Investment objectives.  I read in one article that 55% of people polled were making financial resolutions for 2015.  The New Year has started out pretty rocky!  Have you made investment resolutions for this year?  Has the volatility of the financial markets so far shaken your new resolve already for 2015?  Have you made CANDID assessments about your investment objectives and are you tracking your progress – OR lack of?  WHO… are you paying attention to?  CNBC?  Your neighbor?  Happy hour buddies at the club?  Your financial advisor? (Hopefully, this is how you answered!)

A few reminders to get us back on track!

  1. Consider meeting with your advisor on a routine basis!  Discuss how your portfolio is meeting OR not meeting YOUR investment objectives AND… dreams.  It’s not about “chasing” beta’s, alphas, P/E’s, indexes etc (By the way in my almost 30 years as an advisor, NOT one client has ever asked me to “beat” these so called benchmarks)… It’s about YOUR goals and are you on the right track in working toward a comfortable retirement, college healthcare coverage, moving Uncle Sam out of your estate, creating a lasting family legacy AND most important…ARE YOU HAPPY AND CONTENT?
  2. In the current market environment, is my portfolio well diversified?  Balanced?  Has the rise in the market skewed your portfolio and maybe some rebalancing should be addressed and discussed-WITH YOUR ADVISOR.  Have there been changes in my life that require a different approach and objective to my investments?  Has the tax law changed and should I be taking advantage of these changes?  Will the projected rise in interest rates affect my portfolio?
  3. Can I make my life easier?  Consolidate accounts organize paperwork for taxes, new budget.

Let’s keep this simple by starting off with these three reminders and we’ll work along the year with new reminders and ideas.  Your next step?

Schedule an appointment with me.  Call Dolores and lets get on the same page.  

If your friends aren’t happy with their advisor, tell them we offer a complimentary and no obligation appointment.

As always, our goal is Growing Forward Together with you.  

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The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.  To determine which investment(s) may appropriate for you, consult your financial advisor prior to investing.  Investing involves risk including loss of principal.  No strategy including diversification can assure success or protect against loss.