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Our Approach

We Start with a Conversation

At Henderson Wealth Partners, every new client relationship starts with a conversation.  We take a personal approach by listening to and getting to know each client on an individual level.  By learning about their past experiences, we come to understand what shapes their decision making and risk tolerance.  This allows us to be sensitive to their emotional nuances towards money and wealth and helps us to recommend sensible strategies.  Ultimately, we tailor each financial plan to cater to a client's unique needs and goals.

Our Process

Our Process


We begin by developing a deep understanding of you, your family and your financial goals. This is the foundation for our ongoing partnership with you.

Our History


Over two to three meetings, we will analyze and develop your financial roadmap. Working together, we will provide custom strategies and recommendations for you.

Our Values


One of the keys to financial success is taking action and we'll be there to support you in doing so. After we agree on a course of action, we will provide an outline of specific steps to implement our strategy, helping you every step of the way.

Our Resources

Track & Monitor

We meet regularly to track changes in your life as well as the financial markets, while also tracking your progress towards your goals. From there, we will determine what adjustments are needed to move you forward.

The HWP Commitment

The HWP Commitment

We are dedicated to serving you as your personal advocate and financial advisor following a fiduciary standard. Full transparency and open communication are the core elements to every client relationship. We take great pride in the fact that this level of service has allowed us to grow our business over time. This speaks to the importance we place on personally serving every relationship.

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