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Rina Henderson

Rina Henderson

Marketing Manager

Rina Lelekis Henderson wears many hats at HWP! But the biggest role she plays is in managing the company's marketing and community relations efforts. Together, Rina and Sam, HWP's founder and CEO, built their business from the ground up all while growing and raising their family. Rina has played a very big part in the growth and continued success of HWP throughout the past 35+ years!

Rina received a journalism degree from The University of Florida, began her career as a Public Relations Coordinator and was a founding member and past president of the Florida Public Relations Association here in Lee County.

Rina is passionate about serving her community, having been actively involved with many local organizations throughout the years, and loves being creative and spending time with her five grandbabies, Charlie, Andi, Lainey, George, and Tommy.